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  • kazillion — noun Etymology: alteration of zillion Date: 1986 zillion • kazillion adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • kazillion — noun An unspecified large number (of). Syn: kajillion …   Wiktionary

  • kazillion — [kə zɪljən] cardinal number another term for gazillion …   English new terms dictionary

  • Evidence of absence — Not to be confused with absence of evidence. An empty field. If our hypothesis was that elephants would be present, we do not merely lack evidence, but instead possess evidence of absence. Evidence of absence is evidence of any kind that suggests …   Wikipedia

  • Zahlennamen — In diesem Artikel geht es um den Aufbau von Zahlennamen und die Benennung von Zahlen im Dezimalsystem. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Der Aufbau von Zahlennamen 1.1 Null bis Neun 1.2 Zehn 1.3 Elf und Zwölf als Ausnahmen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • quadrillion — noun /kwɒˈdɹɪljən,kwɒˈdʒɹɪljən/ Any very large number, exceeding normal description. Theyd never understand not in a quadrillion years. Syn: bajillion, bazillion, billion, dillion, fantillion, gadzillion, gagillion, gajillion, gazillion,… …   Wiktionary

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